Hi there!

I'm Peter Purmonen and this is where I write about about coding and about interesting things that come to mind.

My coding blog, the A Coder's Zone is where I write about my progress and setbacks in developing mobile apps, but also about coding in general. Don't get too upset if I even write about endeavors and issues I encounter in my daytime job. 

Anyway, about mobile apps, I've just started and I must say I'm somewhat an Apple fanboy. So, whenever I publish an iOS app, I will also provide support pages for it right here. Or at least, so I will, starting when the first app is released. Dedication is king, right? :-)

Me, myself and I

Father of three, as far as I know. Husband of one, as far as I remember. Coder and tech geek. I live in the Stockholm area in Sweden with my wife and three children.


I currently work at Webstep, a consultancy firm in Stockholm operating in the IT business. What I do? Well I write code. Lots of it. For the customer. Mostly server-side Java.


I do quite a lot of coding on my my free time. Mostly stuff I don't do for a living. Although, one needs a profession when not being a top-seller in the App Store or having successfully created a hype on Kickstarter, so...


I've been coding since I was about thirteen. It all started with Commodore 64 basic somewhere in 1985. Then it all moved on to the Amiga Demo Scene in the late 80's. Eventually, I graduated from college and turned "pro" in 1998. I'm not gonna write my whole resumé here, since it's too long.. and probably too boring to read. :-)

Follow me on Twitter if you like: @peterpurmonen.