ZiadaTime is here!

The pain of waiting is over. I made it. Finally, I made it. I don't know how many times (for the past years) I've thought about going through the process of befriending Xcode and going through the hassle of getting an app into the App Store.

After submission it took 4 days before the app was reviewed. Once so, it went like a charm through the process steps and before I knew it, it was right there!

I chose to charge $0.99 for two reasons:

  1. I really needed to learn Apple's contracting procedure for payment.
  2. I don't care if it puts presumptive installers off. Due to 1.
  3. There is no third reason. :-)

..but maybe I'll just switch it to be free for all sometime. (You didn't hear that).

Now, on to the next project. But before that, I'll jot something down about how it all went down.